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Il Giardino di Legno Teak garden furniture produce solid high quality wooden furniture that are the most valuable and requested from the luxury market.

The material employed for all of our proposals is the best teak-wood for construction of outdoor furniture. The teak wood is indeed very durable, impervious to mold and insects, as well as being very resistant to weathering. The area of growth is in Suar. The natural impregnation of the resins oily maintains unchanged its characteristics in the years primary reducing maintenance to minimum.

All our wooden furniture are made in Suar Teak wood. There are many advantage for which choose a solid wood furniture, firstly it will never become old and could be easily maintained and repaired. The quality of the teak furniture is measured by the grain of the wood which testimony its age.
Il Giardino di Legno's Teak, has always been of the highest quality, is available in the finishing “Fine Sanded”, the most traditional finish for a material, such as this one, that requires no further treatment to enhance its natural beauty and improve its durability.
Alternatively  tha finish “Oil and Wax”, a totally natural finish, with no chemicals or coatings, that utilises the natural oil contained in the Teak and a clear wax to improve its resistance to water and other fluids.
Il Giardino di Legno Teak employs  only selected Teak from carefully controlled plantations. New Teak furniture has a warm honey brown color, after some time it will get a silver grey patina.