Fast Garden Furniture Index

Armonia Contemporary

Chair and armchair are intentionally inspired from the lines of end' 900,  with retro and classic style. 

Oasi Contemporary

Two classic benches characterized by a perfect attention to detail and finishes.


Simple and essential lines for Easy. A series of tables, which now are even the length of three meters.


Collection composed of chair armchair and stool inspired by the shapes of nature. 

Grande Arche

Fixed and extendable rectangular tables. Complete the collection two dining benches .


Narcisi collection, a retro line built with advanced materials in die-cast aluminum and in nine colors.


Niwa is made of die-cast aluminum with extruded aluminum legs. Available in eight colors.


Rion chair, armchair, stool are characterized by a monocoque structure. Eight colors available.

Radice Quadra

Series of round, square, rectangular tables with top finish in glass, teak and painted aluminium.


elite fast
Elite sunbed with aluminum frame and synthetic fiber. Wide range of colors available.


ushuaia fast
Ushuaia sunbed with aluminum frame and synthetic fiber materials. Positionable, stackable and wheels.


The Fast S.p.A trade mark is well on its way to becoming a trend-setting brand in the world of indoor and outdoor aluminium furniture.
In and Out are emblematic of in-depth aesthetic research, careful choice of materials and creativity, all rigorously “made in Italy” and developed by experts in the field and well-known designers.

The company history starts in the 1960s when Stefano Levrangi, an expert in non-ferrous metal casting, started his own foundry in Vestone, in the Vallesabbia region near Brescia, already well known for its productive activities. The creative craftsmanship of brass implies high-precision and in depth-knowledge of the material and production processes.
The know-how acquired by its founder, rapidly turned Fast into a leading company in this sector. At the end of the 1980s the family business was floated on the stock market and became a joint-stock company (S.p.A.). New, privately-owned premises were built to cater for increased production requirements.
The Garden project has developed over the last few years, specializing in the production of outdoor aluminium furniture. Stefano Levrangi strongly believes in the qualities of this metal: it is light, strong and doesn't rust.

Fast S.p.A. has pioneered technological developments knowing that without suitable technological infrastructure, the company would not have been able to keep pace with current trends and developments.
The heart of its productive process is the foundry, with casting machines that operate non-stop on a three shift rota-system.  
To guarantee clients the highest standards of quality has always been a priority for Fast. Avant-garde technology and design, combined with skilled craftsmanship, form its winning formula.
Every production centre is equipped with avant-garde technology and has access to highly skilled craftsmen for refined finishes. This creates a harmonious balance between highly automated production systems and handcrafting, advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship for the creation of technically accurate products enriched by the value of craftsmanship.

Aluminium is ductile and also weighs a third of iron. It is resistant to corrosion and rust. It is an environmentally friendly metal due to its low toxic level and high recyclable potential. The paint finishes are also highly regarded and are undertaken with polyester powders which are fixed by special processes to ensure increased protection and colour durability.
The Research and Design department is the driving force, constantly putting forth new solutions and materials; glossy aluminium is the very latest look - the natural expression of a brushing process which creates a shimmering surface.


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