Garden Furniture Coro


Coro Collections Outdoor: 316 Stainless Steel tables, dining chairs and armchairs, lounges, deck chairs, umbrellas, sofas, lounge armchairs, low tables, hammocks, planters, stools

CORO furniture is undoubtedly produced with the best materials for strength and quality. An all-Italian excellence, a true sublimation of outdoor furniture, which also finds space in the interior thanks to the beauty of the materials and the design that is always sober and at the same time new and elegant. Luxury, elegance and quality to the nth degree.
CORO furniture is entirely produced in Italy in AISI 316 stainless steel. Stainless steel is an alloy based on iron, carbon and chromium (minimum 11%), with the addition of other elements. It is resistant to corrosion thanks to a thin chromium oxide film that forms on its surface. This film becomes the natural protective barrier to normal atmospheric agents and must be suitably preserved to maintain resistance to corrosion. Resistance and durability are closely linked to good maintenance and the use of cleaning products and materials suitable for preserving their original characteristics. , pergolas, barbecues, low tables, lounges, sofas, lounge chairs and showers.


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