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With a 30+ years experience, Rovergarden was the first in the world to produce top of the line structural bi-component Resin leisure furniture. Using Avant-Garden technology, a highly sophisticated injection molding process where two strong and durable materials are combined with elegant and harmonious designs, Rovergarden has created durability and comfort reputed world-wide. Chairs, deck chairs, folding chairs, stacking chairs, tables and sun beds are available in different styles from our collections for you to enjoy them.

Rovergarden resin is undoubtedly a product unmatched in its field.
The factory production of Pescara and the one of Besozzo have high quality standards, and the molds are designed specifically for the sophisticated process of bi-component resin molding .
The molds needed for production are made in the workshop by machine tools with numerical control CNC Robots while the latest generation of automatic load and unload stations by managing a production cycle which starts from the two components into granulate until the packaged product. Even the delicate phases of painting and drying take place in a suitable environment and with fully automated work steps.
The products "pilot" before going into production, are subjected to strict tests and quality, to simulate, in a short time, years of living in extreme conditions. Only after passing these tests, it is launched the production itself.
The assembly of the various parts is done by hand with great care to ensure that quality that has always determined the success of the products Rovergarden 


Thanks to the bi-component resin Rovergarden has developed a high-art technology achieving a higher quality product without comparisons.
This technology involves the use of three materials:
1. A polyurethane resin coating
2. A resin modified cosmetic compact
3. A resin modified closed cell foam with very high mechanical strength
The characteristics of the BI-COMPONENT
- Resistant to atmospheric agents
- Smooth surfaces
- Easy maintenance and cleaning

Our collaboration with the Rovergarden starts in the 70 to verify the durability of this material we tested on the field and in the time and gave us great satisfaction.
The difference is in the material, completely different from all the other "resins" which are produced using molds molded case and in case of breaking it throws away all. This does not happen with Rovergarden as being assembled products in case of breakage of a leg, an armrest of a seat or you can replace the part.

Rovergarden resin has thick layers and the difference is made the cell expanded polypropylene material, seeing the movable section, it has the appearance of a honeycomb. This gives it great flexibility with hot-cold, while the outer resin is smooth and compact.
As time passes, this material does not absorb dirt and does not crystallize unlike common resins, remaining unchanged over time. Besides all the mechanical parts and hardware are stainless steel.
Do not underestimate the ecological aspect is then, in fact all Rovergarden products are recyclable, they can be melted and recycled.



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